Please make sure to review this list before departing. Our Home will need to be handed off to the next guest the way in which you found it to avoid any charges or deductions to your security deposit.

CHECK OUT: Check out time is 12:00 pm. Please return swipe keys to the front desk and sign for any incidentals such as maid service, or pool or restaurant charges if you had any. If you have a later flight, the front desk can hold your luggage. There is a half bathroom located on the ground floor of our building that you can use to change.

AIRPORT: Just for informational purposes, it is recommended that you arrive at the airport 3 hours before your flight. Remember to gas up the rental car and allow time for the return inspection of your car. Follow the car rental return signs at the airport. You will be going through 2 security check points inside the airport; you will clear US customs in Aruba so have all your paper work filled out.

KEYS: Return elevator keys to the key rack on the kitchen wall.

DIRTY DISHES:  Please place the load of dirty dishware in the dishwasher, dish detergent is located under the sink and push start so that housekeeping can put the dishes back when they clean in preparation for the next guests.

TOWELS: Return all Blue Pool Towels to the pool area and make sure that the white condo towels remain inside the unit and are all accounted for. (Please throw all dirty towels in the bath tub)

CONDO CONTENTS: Please make sure all condo items are returned to the condo unit.

REFRIGERATOR: Please make sure all perishable food is thrown away. If you do have any extra non perishable food or liquids, you can leave for the next arriving quest.

GRILLING TOOLS: Please make sure all grilling tools have been cleaned and returned to the roof top unit.

AIR CONDITIONING: Please make sure Air Conditioning is set to 72 degrees.

WASHER/DRYER: Please double check the washer and dryer for personal items.

COOLER BAGS: Make sure Cooler Bags are returned to unit.

HOT TUB: Please make sure hot tub is covered. Please make sure roof top lights and TV are turned off.

CHAIR CUSHIONS: Please make sure no seat cushions are left out exposed and are returned to the covered section in the cushion carriers. The Blue lounge chair cushions can be left on the chairs

SAFE: Check safe for any jewelry, Passport or anything you stored and leave open for next guest.

BEDS/ DRAWERS/BATHROOMS: Check for any incidentals left behind, Check balconies for drying cloths (watch the breeze some things blow away)

LIGHTS: Please turn off all lights.